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What's this all about? Experiencing the streets of Toronto while the weather is good. It's about fun with no political affiliation or agenda. This is like an adventure around Toronto & the route changes every week even though we have a few usual haunts & trails we like to visit. If you like FUN and ADVENTURE, you should join us!

Every week the number of riders varies, but there's always music (often multiple sound systems), good people, bike lights & good fun. Don't expect to simply show up to a party, we hope you take the time to come & participate in bringing & being the party. Do note that Toronto Cruisers is not a race through the city, it's a cruise, meaning it's a leisurely ride that's appropriate for all skill & age levels. We stop several times on each ride & we try to vary where we end up stopping as well as changing up the entire route weekly.

We were inspired to create this ride once we'd seen what other cities had created around their bike cultures. People getting together, having good clean fun, building community & breaking up the monotony of life. Toronto Cruisers officially started in 2014 & we've since inspired & supported other rides locally as well as internationally. We continue to encourage new rides in different cities based on the same principles we hold dear.

As part of Toronto Cruisers mandate, we also have bonus rides during the year, which typically include taking part in Bike Party, Bike Rave & Nuit Blanche among others. Please visit our social media accounts for further information about ourselves & our events.

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