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Everyone is here for fun. So don't let unsafe riding get in the way of that fun.


And while we generally say 'safety third', there are far bigger objects on the ride than you and your bike. So for now, read up and know that it pays to be safe.


Obey Traffic Signs

In Ontario, it's the law. No one likes a jerk.


Driving Under the Influence

A bike is covered under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. So don't be stupid, don't ruin your night, don't ruin the nights of others. Again, be safe.


Ride With the Flow of Traffic

Seriously, did you even think for a minute you shouldn't?


Wear a Helmet

If you're under 18, it's the law. But well, helmets save your noggin. Can't hurt, right?


Get a Light & Horn

A white light up front, a red one for the back. Yep, it's the law. Find 'em cheap at the dollar store and you're set. Same goes with a bell or horn, which again, is part of the law.


Buy a Lock

You'll probably want to lock up at the beginning meet-up and might have to make a pit stop along the way. As well, once we reach our destination, you might want to hang out and secure that bike. Oh, Toronto sucks for bike thefts, so do anything you can to make those thieves lives miserable.


Be Smart

Pedestrians, cars, trucks, emergency vehicles - those are just a few things you have to be aware of while on the road. So use your eyes, ears and common sense.

Breakdown Protocol

If you're on the ride, plan to be self-sufficient with tools, inner tubes or whatever else you may require. That being said, between the group, there's usually a few resources available. If you encounter any mechanical issues on the ride, speak up immediately & let fellow riders know so that we can figure out how best to assist. It's possible your issue cannot be fixed while on the road, so always bring transit fare in case of the unexpected so that you can get home safely. 

Health & Safety Concerns

If you have any medical conditions or concerns which may impact your ability to ride with us, please seek advice from a medical professional. We're unable to predict all road conditions & elevations & routes change based on the conditions we encounter. It's not unheard of for us to encounter hills (both uphill & downhill), sand, road closures, mud, flooding, bridges & much more. We encourage everyone to participate safely, but cannot guarantee any route details or terrain.


Check out a few of these links for further information:


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