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Have Fun.

If you're not here to have fun, don't bother. The ride is about forgetting about the daily grind and just getting out there. Meet some new friends, bring some pals, pimp out your bike. It's a Wednesday and it's all about making it count. You have enough of that 'real world' business waiting for you when you get back, so forget about it for a few hours! Let's spell it together... ' F - U - N !!!'


Be Safe.

Follows the above. Don't be a jerk, don't be a tough guy, don't be stupid. Use your smarts and you're all good. Don't give cops a reason to pull you over. This isn't a race & we make every effort to keep the group together, so no need to rush any traffic lights or take unnecessary risks. Sometimes we visit dimly lit areas so we highly recommend that you bring at least basic front and back lights for your bike to remain visible at all times.


Respect Your Fellow Riders.

That means respecting their sweet rides, lights & even their music as well as significant others. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Even kids can spell it. Talk to people, utilize creativity, work collaboratively, don't covet, be kind. Any and all age groups are encouraged to ride with us, so please respect everyone at all times. Be inclusive & tolerant. It's okay to disagree with people & opinions, but do so respectfully.


No Drama.

Keep that kind of talk for the cubicle or whatever. Toronto is full of drama and has wrecked plenty of great fun over the years, so keep it far away from the ride. We want good people who are interested in good fun. Leave your negativity behind, leave your bad times behind, be inclusive, keep unkind words to yourself, be positive & just enjoy. 'Nuff said.

Don't Over-Imbibe.

No one here is your parent and we're not going to baby-sit anyone. Laws exist. You don't have to like them, but respect them. Don't get yourself or anyone else into a bad situation. If you're being irresponsible or a danger to yourself or the group, you may be politely asked to ride elsewhere.

Don't Litter.

There's plenty of garbage and recycling bins around so use them. And if you need one and can't find one, put the trash in your pocket, your backpack or that of a friend. Garbage sucks, so keep it clean and leave no trace - pack it in, pack it out.


Respect the Law.

Lights, horns & helmets (if you're under 18). Easy stuff you can find on the cheap. So do it and save yourself a potential hassle. Come across law enforcement while on a ride? Feel free to greet them & if they make a request, it's generally easier to comply than argue.


Respect the Others on the Road.

Respect your fellow riders and by all means respect the fact that a car, bus or truck can seriously ruin your day. So if something is up, just let them win. It's not worth picking a fight with a vehicle that seriously outweighs you. Rule of thumb - whoever has the most lugnuts wins. Easy as that. If you put yourself at risk, you're putting the entire ride at risk, so just don't do it when you ride with us.

Bring Fare for Public Transit

We will sometimes utilize public transit to get to further parts of the city & to showcase the possibilities of bicycle culture melding with public transit. So bring TTC fare with you each & every single ride so you're never caught unaware & you'lll always have a backup option in case of unexpected bicycle breakdowns.


Look around you, talk to others, meet new people, go out of your way to involve others. Everyone has a first ride, everyone is new to every group at some point of people, so might as well provide a nice hello! And more than that, it's an extension of respect.


Bring tools, a spare tube and some know-how if things go wrong with your ride. If things go wrong, let the group know immediately. The group will pause & try to help, but not every situation can be fixed, so have a way to get home. Beyond just bike fixes, get involved, help each other out, take responsibility.


Respect the comfort levels of others. Masks or other PPE are welcome if you choose to use them. If you're feeling ill, we ask that you respect your fellow riders and consider staying home.

Toronto Cruisers welcomes everyone to enjoy this event and celebrate our love of riding together without discrimination, harassment or abuse. It is import that we maintain a safer space for our community. If you see anything that goes against these principles, please let us know so we can help find solutions. Be excellent to each other.

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